• Veteran Fortune 100 HR Executive
  • 25+ Years' Experience (National/International)
  • MS: HR Development (Villanova)
  • Former News Anchor/Talk-Show Host
  • Numerous Civic Contributions & Awards
  • Diversity & Inclusion Realist

"Diversity & Inclusion isn't just about respect and camaraderie.
It's about attracting and developing high-potential talent
to achieve bottom-line results!"

“As I look around today’s D&I learning environment, I see the results of decades of well-intentioned attempts to create more diverse and inclusive workplace cultures, through a focus on numbers and a tendency to rely on generalized D&I training experiences that we’ve learned often hurt more than they help. It’s time to go deeper.

It’s time to start relying on research, instead of good intentions. It’s time to invest meaningful time, energy and financial resources in truly creating diverse and inclusive environments in which all team members can thrive.

I’m talking about the kinds of environments that drive innovation, enhance productivity, minimize D&I liability risks, and add to the bottom line.  Let’s stop being facile. Let’s stop being so fake. Let’s work together to find out how your organization can become sustainably and profitably diverse and inclusive!”


  • Candid Conversations
  • Conflict Mediation
  • One-to-One Coaching
  • HR Crisis Consulting

  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Pre-Designed Trainings
  • Co-Designed Learning
  • Customized Experiences

  • Focus/Small Groups
  • Management Training
  • Concerns Consulting
  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Identification
  • Respect & Rapport
  • Recruitment & Retention

Who Can Benefit?

  • Senior leaders developing strategies to enhance D&I in their organizational culture – or even implement a system-wide, comprehensive D&I initiative

  • Managers wanting to address D&I concerns and/or opportunities – who don’t know where to begin!

  • HR professionals and teams needing to create, evaluate or improve their D&I- related policies, processes and procedures to optimize outcomes and reduce legal, ethical & PR risks

  • Organizations struggling to attract, develop and retain diverse talent

  • Startups developing foundational D&I ideals, vision and policies

  • Companies needing an expert, seasoned consultant with an “outsider perspective” to evaluate D&I vulnerabilities and opportunities – both in their teams and in their customer/client base

  • High-potential employees needing guidance and coaching to successfully integrate into their organizational culture

  • Diverse teams needing facilitation or mediation to resolve important, long-standing (or both!) culture-conflict issues

  • Groups and teams in which D&I cynicism or negative paradigms are undermining cohesion and performance

Numbers are only part of the picture.

What’s the Elephant in Your Room?

Is there a group of team members that it’s still “okay” to marginalize, within the company culture?

Do all team members feel safe approaching supervisors and HR with diversity- and inclusion- related concerns?

Do they believe they’ll be heard?

Are some of your team members afraid to ask questions or deal with important issues, because they feel they may be perceived as offensive – or worse?

Ignoring the elephant in your team’s room won’t make it go away. Let’s dance with it!

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