About Bj…

Bj Glover, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP*, is a force of nature and determination – and you know it the moment you meet her.

A former television anchor and talk-show host, conference presenter, and 16-year veteran of a global Fortune 100 enterprise (Johnson Controls, Inc.), Ms. Glover brings more than 25 years of experience solving human capital issues in organizations.

She is not just a charismatic, passionate human-capital entrepreneur. She is a scholar of human behavior, personal and professional development, and management science – and she is a connector.

She connects science-based business approaches with human realities to create and implement powerful human-capital development strategies and systems. She also connects people.

In the early 1980’s, Ms. Glover put to work her passion for helping people from all walks of life realize their potential within the corporate world, becoming a pioneer in diversity training.

As her career and mission developed in tandem, she began training existing and potential leaders in employee management and human-capital maximization.

Her earliest clients included AT&T, Chubb Insurance, the University of Oklahoma, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations – among others.

Later, Ms. Glover was recruited by YORK International, now Johnson Controls, Inc., where she developed and drove leadership development and diversity/inclusion initiatives, creating dynamic programs that empowered scores of corporate leaders within this successful, global enterprise.

During her time with YORK/Johnson Controls, Ms. Glover demonstrated the “profit power” of diversity and inclusion within the corporate milieu, creating transformational culture change with the gifts that true diversity and genuine inclusion bring to the business world.

Her evidence-based, integrative programs created powerful results for this Fortune 100 company, promoting creativity, innovation, “deep-tissue” teamwork and healthy individual and team performance – all of which are proven to produce bottom-line results for companies willing to invest in them.

Ms. Glover created YORK’s first Diversity Council and founded the business unit’s original African-American Employee Network. Later, with Johnson Controls, she responded to the need of its female employees by facilitating the founding of local Women’s Resources Network chapters at two sites. Additionally, Ms. Glover received national recognition for her leadership role in the company’s North America African-American Employee Network.

Today, Ms. Glover shares her rich knowledge, skills and experience with teams, companies and organizations that are committed to developing people for organizational success, increasing profitability and progress by investing in their employees — their greatest asset.

Call her today at 405.323.2940 or email her at Bj@BjGlover.com to discuss how she may be able to help you and your team maximize your human-capital performance.

*Ms. Glover earned Villanova’s acclaimed Master of Science degree in Human Resource Development. She holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credential from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the SHRM-SCP designation from the Society of Human Resource Management. She is State Director of Diversity for the Oklahoma Human Resource State Council (OKHR) and Vice-President of Diversity for the Oklahoma City Human Resources Society.