• Veteran Fortune 100 HR Executive
  • 25+ Years' Experience (National/International)
  • MS: HR Development (Villanova)
  • Former News Anchor/Talk-Show Host
  • Numerous Civic Contributions & Awards
  • Diversity & Inclusion Realist

"Diversity & Inclusion isn't just about respect and camaraderie.
It's about attracting and developing high-potential talent
to achieve bottom-line results!"

Do You Need a Professional Coach?


  • Are you stuck in your career? Do you want to grow, professionally, but need some help identifying or following through on your next steps?

  • Have you been downsized, “fired,” laid off, or otherwise eased out of your job, unexpectedly?

  • Have you made a career decision or taken a path that has not worked out (for whatever reason), but threatens to derail your career – perhaps for years to come?

  • Do you feel as though everyone else in your workplace received some kind of “playbook” you never received, describing how to succeed in your workplace culture?

  • Do you have difficulties communicating successfully with your supervisor or coworkers?

  • Do you need help dealing with an interpersonal or political conflict at work? A colleague who is unsupportive, ineffective, subversive, or sabotaging?

  • Do you need to reinvent yourself, professionally, because of the changing needs of the job market – or because of life factors that make doing your old job, the old way, difficult or impossible?

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied at work, ready to make a change, but unsure about what you can, or should, do about it?

  • Are you transitioning from one kind of workplace culture to another – and in need of help navigating the new social rules you are encountering?

  • Are you just graduating from a professional academic program (perhaps the first in your family to do so!), and in need of an expert eye to review your resume and cover letters – and coach you for your upcoming job interviews?

Key Benefits of Working with Bj…


  • Knowledge & expertise gathered over 25+ years in Human Resources

  • 16 spent as a key executive in a Fortune 100 company

  • 9 spent providing HR services for small- to mid- size companies

  • Strong research base showing what works in creating successful career recoveries, transitions and transformations

  • Significant experience developing leaders and guiding professionals through critical career decisions and disruptions

  • Warm, empathetic, accepting, but positive and motivating approach!

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What’s the Elephant in Your Room?

Is there a group of team members that it’s still “okay” to marginalize, within the company culture?

Do all team members feel safe approaching supervisors and HR with diversity- and inclusion- related concerns?

Do they believe they’ll be heard?

Are some of your team members afraid to ask questions or deal with important issues, because they feel they may be perceived as offensive – or worse?

Ignoring the elephant in your team’s room won’t make it go away. Let’s dance with it!

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