Bj has training programs for every level and configuration of your workforce.

Content ranges from the most basic D&I concepts to specialized learning
experiences for specific roles - such as senior leaders, HR staff,
middle managers, or target groups (e.g., ethnic or gender).

Bj will evaluate your organization's or team's needs to create inspiring,
engaging - and genuinely transformational! - learning experiences!

Training without follow-up can be worse than doing nothing.

“Oftentimes, management and HR departments think basic diversity training will take care of everything and answer every question. It doesn’t, it shouldn’t and it won’t. In fact, studies have shown that training-only approaches often have the opposite effect, creating greater difficulties for trainees… Never assume that following up on diversity training is optional. You always need to follow up. Regular trainings will help participants identify and work through deeply rooted issues.” – “LaShana Lewis, “Do Diversity and Inclusion Have to Be Overwhelming?” (Entrepreneur, 3/26/2019)

What’s the Elephant in Your Room?

Is there a group of team members that it’s still “okay” to marginalize, within the company culture?

Do all team members feel safe approaching supervisors and HR with diversity- and inclusion- related concerns?

Do they believe they’ll be heard?

Are some of your team members afraid to ask questions or deal with important issues, because they feel they may be perceived as offensive – or worse?

Ignoring the elephant in your team’s room won’t make it go away. Let’s dance with it!

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