• Veteran Fortune 100 HR Executive
  • 25+ Years' Experience (National/International)
  • MS: HR Development (Villanova)
  • Former News Anchor/Talk-Show Host
  • Numerous Civic Contributions & Awards
  • Diversity & Inclusion Realist

"Diversity & Inclusion isn't just about respect and camaraderie.
It's about attracting and developing high-potential talent
to achieve bottom-line results!"

Common Challenges…

Recruitment, Selection & Retention
Are you struggling to attract and/or retain diverse talent?

Executive Support
Do your senior leaders see the value of D&I?
Do they understand the business case for it?
Do they realize the jeopardy of not addressing it?

Diversity Management
Are your middle managers and supervisors inadvertently putting your organization at risk?
Do they need to develop skills and competencies crucial to managing a diverse team?

Talent Development & Succession Planning
Do you have promising diverse individuals on your team who need cultural-fit coaching?
Do they need help understanding organizational expectations?
Is your leadership pipeline lacking diverse talent?

Leadership Development
Do you have a leadership development program that addresses issues unique to diverse employees?

Communication & Culture
Are your employees uncomfortable discussing or asking questions about D&I issues?
Are they afraid they’ll offend or be judged harshly by others?

Organizations that manage Diversity & Inclusion issues well are poised to succeed in the third decade of the 21st Century, and beyond.

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